Call-out for Submissions

Shades of Tay

Pitlochry Festival Theatre is delighted to announce the launch Shades of Tay, a three-year creative project centered on celebrating the beautiful river Tay. A source of life. A source of inspiration.

As the first iteration of this project, Pitlochry Festival Theatre will commission five artists and/or theatre companies to create performances, interventions and theatrical events, inspired by the river Tay.

Submissions are welcome from local, regional and national Scottish artists and theatre companies and will be presented outside in different communities and venues along the river Tay, on-line (over social media and on PFT’s website) as well as inside Pitlochry Festival Theatre from 2019 to 2021.

We want to hear from new talent, as well as experienced artists, and we particularly want to hear from people whose voices and stories need amplification.

Submissions open Monday 23 September and close 5pm, Monday 28 October.

Interviews will take place for shortlisted artists/theatre companies 3 and 4 December 2019.

What We’re Looking For

• Performances/Interventions/Events evoked, stimulated, stirred by the river Tay, its people, communities, nature, bio-diversity and heritage.
• High quality, story-based performance pieces from 10 minute monologues to full-length plays, from physical performances to musicals
• Artists/theatre companies who have something to say
• New or Completed pieces of work which could include existing work or work that needs to be created and developed for performance
• Work for children
• Passion, energy and enthusiasm for telling stories in innovative ways -pushing boundaries and exploring theatre forms and language

What We’re Offering

• Rehearsal space at Pitlochry Festival Theatre
• A performance venue along the Tay for your event
• Marketing your event
• 70% of the net Box Office goes to you
• Associate Producer as your point of contact for production concerns
• Complimentary tickets to other events
• Technical support
• £500

PFT’s Communications Team will support all the artists/theatre companies. Working together will be very important as it’s in everyone’s interest to get people to see the work.

We plan to create and distribute a programme (print and digital) in which your performance/intervention will be featured and promoted through e-mail and digital campaigns.

All events will be ticketed. We want performances/interventions/events to be affordable for all our audiences and we will set affordable ticket prices.
The Box Office income is split 70/30 with artists/theatre companies.

How To Apply

In the interest of innovation and in response to talking to artists and theatre companies, the submission process involves showing as well as telling.

To be considered for the Art of Tay commissions, please submit the following:

1. Video recorded on a mobile phone

1 minute to 3 minute long video recorded on a mobile phone pitching your performance/intervention/event. (Note – no other professional or semi-professional video cameras are allowed.) We are interested in hearing about your performance/intervention/event, not the quality of the video.

Format: Any video format that your mobile phone supports. Footage should be sent as AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, M4V, or MP4* File.
There is some guidance on transferring files from your phone to computer HERE.

You can also use to send your video. Please include your project title and the words ‘ART OF TAY’ with your submission.

2. Up to two sides of A4 including:

• Your name and contact details including email address and mobile phone number
• Details about your performance/intervention/event and why you think it should be included in Art of Tay
• We would like to know about you. Please tell us about other projects you have worked on
• Links to videos/images of previous performances

If the performance/intervention/event has already been created you can also send one or more visual images from the piece

Please send submissions to Associate Producer Deborah Dickinson at and in the subject line include your project title (a working title is fine) and ‘ART OF TAY’.

If this submission process is not accessible for you and you would like to discuss other ways of applying, please contact Deborah on the email address above.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) is leading Scotland’s Theatre to create great art, grow communities and nurture our environment.

Art of Tay will be an exciting and glorious response to the people and places along this extraordinary waterway.

The project will embrace various art forms.

At its centre will be great theatre and stories about Scotland and the River Tay that move, inspire and ignite the hearts and minds of audiences.

River Tay

At 188 kilometres (117 miles) long, it is the longest river in Scotland originating on the slopes of Ben Lui and flowing from west to east to its mouth at the Firth of Tay. It flows through communities, large and small, from Kenmore to Dundee. The Tay is often silent but never absent; this is the moment for its voice to be ‘turned up’.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre wants to make sure this great voice is heard, and never forgotten, for many generations to come.

Adventures with the Painted People

by David Greig | A Shades of Tay commission

Poetry Competition

Launch at Winter Words Festival | A Shades of Tay commission