Colin Ian Christie

COLIN IAN CHRISTIE began seriously drawing & painting in his early teens and went on to study at Edinburgh College of Art and the Glasgow School of Art.

Keli Clark

KELI CLARK is influenced by life in all its forms for instance the rising and setting suns, the phases of the moon and its moods in addition to all forms…

Cameron F. Coutts

Working mainly in watercolour and acrylics, Cameron’s subject matter is wide ranging

Bill Horlock

Bill's subjects are mainly landscape, harbours and architecture. He uses the mediums of watercolour, acrylic and oils.

Joanne T. Kell

Joanne is a full time Wildlife Artist working in Pencil, both colour and graphite and specialise in detail.

Gillian Kingslake

GILLIAN KINGSLAKE has worked with textiles and varied media, but lately has concentrated on painting, both watercolour and oil.

Sheena Phillips

Sheena shows in exhibitions in Scotland, especially East Lothian. She has had work accepted by the Royal Institute of Painters.

Moyra Rodd

Moyra works mainly in acrylics and uses a limited palate with a depth of paint, sometimes 4 or 5 layers to focus on colour and sense of place.

Andy Shaw

Andy has found a niche in the art world with his naïve and quirky paintings that can now be found hanging throughout Britain and abroad, from Aberdeen to Australia.

Alan D. Wright

Alan Wright mainly works in acrylics with more recent paintings exploring classical music and dance themes.

Jenny Moran

Jenny Moran works mainly in acrylics and often with elements of collage. She has a passion for wildlife, flowers, trees, skies and storms.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham, from an early age, had always been interested in art, and in Perthshire he soon discovered the joy of watercolour painting.

Careen Muir

Careen Muirs's paintings are influenced by her love of the Islands & West Coast of Scotland. She enjoys working in the bright colours of acrylic.

Sheila Fowler Nicolson

Sheila Fowler Nicolson's style of painting is contemporary and she enjoys depicting landscape and studio still life and her paintings are full of colour and light

Avril Ward

Avril Ward has developed skills in both watercolour and acrylics, and sometimes uses mixed media too. She takes her inspiration largely from the beauty of her surroundings

Tim Cottee

Tim Cottee's pictures are created principally using typography; text is manipulated to create an image, creating a different take on the old saying: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’

David Ewan

David Ewan uses oils & acrylics for painting predominately landscapes scenes from the beauty & richness of the Highlands.

Christine Ewan

Christine Ewan uses her artistic skills to paint scenes from the Highland Perthshire landscape

Natalia Golovina

Natalia Golovina's love of the beautiful, vivid and bright colours of the Scottish scenery is reflected in her work.