OPEN CALL OUT – Recorded Audio Performance

Project:        Sound Stage recording of Sophia by Frances Poet

Elizabeth Newman (Artistic Director, Pitlochry Festival Theatre) and David Greig (Artistic Director and Joint CEO, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh) have generated a new, online audio project in Scotland, to celebrate Scottish Theatre, called Sound StageSound Stage is a collaboration between Pitlochry Festival Theatre, The Royal Lyceum and the leading audio company – Naked Productions. The idea is to create a digital platform which will enable the audience member to really get the feeling of being in a theatre to watch their chosen production.  Each play will be recorded and then presented on Sound Stage for no more than 5 times.  There have been two plays produced thus far – Angela by Mark Ravenhill and Tennis Elbow by John Byrne.  Both the plays and the platform itself have received great critical acclaim.

LIVE Casting

General information

  • All lines are Equity and Covid-19 secure contracts
  • We are seeking actors who feels comfortable working and rehearsing remotely/online.
  • Recording Method. Remote recording from home. Working on Zoom and Zencaster.
    If the actor does not have recording kit it will be sent to them via post and full support will be given in setting up the equipment.
  • Dates: week commencing 7 June 2021
  • Days and Times: the number of days and times will vary according to the line of parts, but times will be between approximately 10:00-16:30

Submissions are welcome from:

  • Actors of any age over 18 years old.
  • Any gender*
  • Any race/ethnicity*
  • We actively encourage submissions from those self-identifying as any combination of the 9 protected characteristics defined by the Equality’s Act of 2010.
  • At PFT we prioritise auditioning actors based in Scotland and those based elsewhere who self-identify as Scottish. We are also eager to hear from under-represented groups within the acting community.

*as defined by Spotlight UK

Open call submissions are in highlighted below:

Line 1

Helen Evans, Irish, a medical student (and very fond of Latin), who chooses to marry so sacrifices her career (though her husband later dies); we meet her at ages 37 to 66, currently in 3 scenes.

Open call

Line 2

Sir, or sometimes Doctor Robert Christison, from Edinburgh, a clever, powerful, slightly arrogant man bitterly opposed to women becoming doctors. Sophia’s principal opponent, he relishes the combat.  We meet him at ages 65 and 73, and he’s currently in 2 scenes.

Open call

Line 3

Mr Alexander Russel, from Edinburgh, aged 57, a journalist on The Scotsman and a supporter of the women’s cause.  Marries Helen. In one scene. Doubles with Lord Provost (sort of Lord Mayor of Edinburgh) – one scene.  His character feels like he listens? A reasonable man?

Open call

Line 4

Isabel Thorne, from London, a medical student and also a mother (of May) – so she struggles and doesn’t take the qualifying exam, because of those pulls of family life and motherhood versus career; we meet her at ages 36 to 65, currently in 3 scenes.

Open call

Line 5

May is Isabel’s daughter; currently in 2 scenes.  We meet her first at age 9 in scene 3, set in 1870, and she reappears in scene 7.

Under Offer

Line 6

Sophia Jex Blake, a Doctor, a fighter, a battler for women’s right to be doctors, a lover of women, born/brought up in Sussex, we meet her at ages 22 through to 72, currently in 10 scenes. Not known for her tact, but passionate, feisty, voluble, determined.  Never gives up.

Under offer

Line 7

Margaret, from Fife, a writer, initially Sophia’s student then Sophia’s lover of many years, loves her deeply and is utterly bereft after her death, writer of Sophia’s posthumous biography after her death; we meet her at ages 27-59, currently in 7 scenes.

Under Offer

Line 8

Edith Pechey, from Essex, we meet her at ages 25 and 54.  Brilliantly clever student and later Doctor, but unassuming; becomes very ill with a tumour towards the end of the play; currently in 5 scenes

Under offer

Line 9

Ursula, from the north of England, Sophia’s lover before Margaret, but walks away from Sophia’s obsessive fighting for her cause; we meet her at ages 33, 35 and in her 70’s, currently in 5 scenes

Under offer

How to submit? 

First round: Please submit your CV via spotlight. If not on spotlight please submit your CV to

Submission deadline: Tuesday 25 May at 1pm

Decisions: Wednesday 26 May in the morning for an audition

Second round: an audition on Zoom with the Production’s Director, Janys Chambers.

At least 12 actors from this open-call will be invited to a second-round audition.

Second round auditions: Thursday 27 May

Everyone will be informed by 1 June if they were successful or unsuccessful.

Further information 

  • Some of the lines are currently under offer to artists who have previously been engaged with the projects and/or have specific/distinct skills required and/or have become a member of the extended Creative Team.
  • We commit to auditioning at least 2 actors who are currently unrepresented
  • We will audition at least 12 actors for the project
  • Feedback will be provided for every second-round audition
  • We will publish figures of how many people submitted and how many actors were invited to the second-round audition
  • This breakdown will also be shared with all agents via Spotlight