Elizabeth Newman shares her early thinking for The Crucible

Crucible early insights

“Passionate, moving, funny and muscular – full of verve…”

“We are producing The Crucible this summer as it is quite possibly the best play to help us explore the complexity of our current (global and local) political, social and economic challenges with our audiences. It is a great story that, at its kernel, is an intense relationship drama. Yet the play is also profoundly underpinned by Miller’s thirst to express what powers communities to devour themselves. It feels very important that, at a time where trial runs for fascism are in full flow (Fintan O’Toole 2018), The Crucible is quickly taking the space in theatres, as it has become (sadly) an urgent story once again.”

“The play itself is arguably Miller’s greatest. It is passionate, moving, funny and muscular – full of verve and profundity. Our production has been very inspired by the similarities between Salem and Pitlochry and our entire ensemble will be in the Company. We plan to really turn up the heat and create a powerful drama that will leave people eager to discuss, argue and, we really hope, go out and act to bring about the great change they want to see in their own lives. After all, in the words of Elizabeth Proctor, ‘the magistrate sits in your heart that judges you.’

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