8 February, 2018

Little Voice director, Gemma Fairlie shares some of her early thinking

The tale of a shy girl hiding a big voice

The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice (LV)is the tale of a girl with an astonishing voice. Obsessed with the record collection left to her by her Dad – she listens to all of the greats over and over again until you cannot tell the difference between their voices and her own. When I pictured her I always saw this lonely teenage girl, who cast this huge shadow, of someone like Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield or Marilyn Monroe.

I’ve cast Laura Costello in the role. She’s unbelievably talented, with a powerful vocal range and a jaw dropping ability to morph into these incredible women. I was drawn to her vulnerability as LV, which hides this huge surprise of being able to vocally match Billy Holiday, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf and Cilla Black (just to name a few!).

I’m incredibly excited by the potential of what this world will sound like and because I’m working with the incredibly talented designer Becky Minto, I know the visual world of it will be as exciting and surprising as the aural one. It will have to be seen, and heard, to be believed!”

Cast news: Fresh from Singin’ In The Rain Carl Patrick (who played Roscoe Dexter) returns in the role of agent Ray Say, with River City actress Deirdre Davies taking the part of Mari, Little Voice’s overbearing mother. Deirdre was last seen in the universally acclaimed The Monarch Of The Glen. Look out for further cast announcements . . .

Click here to secure your seat to see The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice today! After all, life’s better with a little drama (music and laughter) in it!

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