Leila Aitken

Leila undertakes traditional portraits in oils and enjoys doing head and shoulder portraits of both adults and children achieving a good likeness by working from photographs.

Peter Allam

Townscape, mountains and coastline all affect Peter's work in watercolour, acrylics and pen and ink.

Richard Alred

With a great love of Scotland, much of Richard’s work features the Western Highlands, but the scenic beauty of Perthshire is also a favourite subject.

Lesley Burden

Lesley feels that pastels bring a rich colour to scenes and landscapes, and gives that soft-edged tone which characterises the wide range of Scotland’s scenery.

Colin Ian Christie

Colin Christie is a Scottish artist working in landscape, still life and portraiture.

Marion Douglas

Marion is particularly inspired by the Scottish Colourists and her work is an eclectic mix of Scottish land and seascapes.

Fiona Graham

Fiona paints scenes of Glasgow in acrylic, mixed media and occasionally in pen and ink.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham paints landscapes in watercolour. Perthshire, Angus and Fife appear in a great deal of his work.

Niall Graham Campbell

Tutored by Wilfred Blunt, artist and author, and Claire Dalby, a gold medallist botanical painter, wood engraver and landscape artist.

Bill Horlock

Bill paints harbours and architecture in watercolour, acrylic and oils.

Joanne T. Kell

Joanne is a wildlife artist, working in pencil, both colour and graphite, and specialising in detail.

Gillian Kingslake

Gillian has worked with textiles and varied media, but lately has concentrated on painting, both watercolour and oil.

Hayley Mills

Hayley works with a range of artistic media creating a range of mixed media, drawing and textile pieces.

Margaret Rae

Margaret's preferred medium is water based oils. The subject matter dictates her method of working i.e. fine brushwork or palette knife for vigorous layers.

Gordon Rennie

Gordon predominantly paints landscapes. He has exhibited at many of the galleries in Tayside and in Inverness where he lives.

Gail Robertson

Gail's paintings have a whimsical edge with a nod to the illustrators who kindled her love of art.

Peter Tarrant

Mountains, lochs, the change of light and vast open spaces with miles of sky give ideas and inspiration for Peter's vivid and strong art.

Ruth Walker

Ruth works mainly in oils doing commissions, mostly of animals, and exhibits locally.