Ruth Alexander

With a love of colour and textiles, Ruth has been making fabric collages for over twenty years and has sold work at a number of craft fairs.

Leila Aitken

Leila undertakes traditional portraits in oils and enjoys doing head and shoulder portraits of both adults and children achieving a good likeness by working from photographs.

Peter Allam

Towns, mountains and coastlines can all be seen Peter's landscapes in watercolour, acrylics and pen and ink.

Richard Alred

With a great love of Scotland, much of Richard’s work features the Western Highlands and the scenic beauty of Perthshire is also a favourite subject. He works mainly in watercolour…

Cameron Coutts

Working mainly in watercolour and acrylics, Cameron’s subject matter is wide ranging.

Natalia Golovina

Natalia loves Scotland and is captivated by the lovely countryside, vibrant skies and quaint country "hooses." Her love of vivid colours and the Scottish scenery are reflected in her work.

Fiona Graham

Fiona paints scenes of Glasgow in acrylic, mixed media and occasionally in pen and ink.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham paints landscapes in watercolour. Perthshire, Angus and Fife appear in a great deal of his work

Mark Holden

Using colour and texture, Mark paints landscapes (often St Andrews and Elie).

Bill Horlock

Bill paints harbours and architecture in watercolour, acrylic and oils.

Joanne T Kell

Joanne is wildlife artist. She works in pencil, both colour and graphite and specialises in detail.

Colm O'Brien

Colm has earned recognition for this distinct style and for the detail of his sought after city and rural landscapes in acrylic.

Margaret Rae

Margaret paints portraits and landscapes. She works in water based oils, charcoal and pencil.

Peter Redshaw

Peter makes models of ships and boats - most recently the Clyde Puffer.

Gordon Rennie

Gordon predominantly paints landscapes. He has exhibited at many of the galleries in Tayside and in Inverness where he lives.

Geoff Riley

Geoff loves to paint streets and buildings and the everyday life that surrounds them.

Ian Shanlin

Ian Shanlin is a landscape painter. He exhibits throughout Scotland.

Andy Shaw

Andy is a regular exhibitor at PFT. His naïve and quirky paintings can be found in private collections around the world.

Freida Struthers

Having specialised for many years in depicting groups of realistic women in intriguing settings, Freida has widened her repertoire to include stylised figures. Her whimsical "Ladies" series is very popular.

Agnes Sutherland

Agnes's silk paintings are bright and vibrant. She also uses the Batik technique which allows for a looseness of style and richness of colour.

Peter Tarrant

Scotland's lochs, change of light and vast open spaces with miles of sky are the inspiration for his landscape paintings.

Ruth Walker

Ruth usually works on commissions for oil paintings of animals.

Cath Waters

Cath uses photographic techniques to capture the landscape then digitally combines her photography with a variety of other materials and mediums to create gentle, painterly mixed media collages.