Bygone Times

Jane Lannagan was born and educated in Edinburgh. Despite an artistic family background she did not attend any art college, instead her early working life was science based. Love for the batik technique started during a course on dress and design at Queen Margaret College and it quickly became one of her favourite pastimes. Jane writes “I get my inspiration from many things, light and shade in a landscape for example and I find the hues and textures of the countryside in the North Central Highlands where I live, particularly fascinating. The use of wax and dyes gives a great fluidity to the work and I feel that I achieve a unique quality that can be fully appreciated alongside the more conventional techniques of oil and watercolour. The technique I use is not entirely a traditional one, but still involves the use of a resist, which can either be wax or gutta. The materials can be anything, the finest silks, cottons, linens and even muslins and I use heat fix dyes”.

This is Jane’s second time exhibiting here at Pitlochry and we welcome the chance to display her prints and batik original paintings.