Post Show Talks

Join the Cast and Creative Team as they offer their insight into the show you’ve just seen and explain PFT’s unique repertoire system. You will also get the chance to have questions answered by actors from that afternoon’s show.

We will then talk you through the stage set being ‘turned around’ for the evening performance of a completely different play, before your very eyes.

Barefoot in the Park | Wed 18 March

Gypsy | Thur 28 May

Private Lives | Thur 25 June

Kiss Me Quickstep | Wed 1 July

Adventures with the Painted People | Wed 5 August

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | Thur 3 September

Sense and Sensibility | Wed 2 September

Enough of Him | Wed 21 October

Peter Pan and Wendy | Thur 3 December