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Leon Sinden Award Winners 2023

Leon Sinden Awards 2023

Leon Sinden created the awards in 1995 marking 30 years since his first performance at Scotland’s Theatre in the Hills. The first winners were Pitlochry favourites Martyn James and Clare Richards, and the awards continue to be a way to celebrate the work of our ensemble.

Congratulations to the winners of the Leon Sinden Awards 2023 – Robbie Scott and Rachael McAllister.

Robbie was awarded for his stunning performance as Tulsa in Gypsy while Rachael was recognised for her amazing portrayal of Myrtle in Brief Encounter.

Well done to both of these wonderful actors and musicians, whose hard work and talent are definitely something to be celebrated.
People dressed in circus costumes and holding balloons.

Robbie Scott

A woman in a floral blouse and pinafore singing into an old fashioned microphone.

Rachael McAllister