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Musicals Commissioning Hub

Do you have the next great Scottish musical in you?

In 2021, in partnership with Capital Theatres, we launched the Musicals Commissioning Hub to nurture new Scottish musicals. Over 80 applications were received, reflecting Scotland’s culture and spirit. With guidance from industry experts, we selected three projects: Shonagh Murray’s “Nessie,” Tommy Antonio’s “Rebel,” and Niloo-Far Khan’s “The Light Travels.” These received support and funding, leading to industry presentations.

The first new musical to emerge from the Musicals Commissioning Hub is Nessie, created by Glasgow-based composer and musical director Shonagh Murray. The story of a brave young girl and a notorious mythical underwater creature, Nessie was one of three ideas selected for development from round one of the Musicals Commissioning Hub and has been taken forward for production. Nessie will be performed at The Studio and at Pitlochry Festival Theatre in 2025. Dates and further details will be confirmed later in the year.


Submissions for 2024 

The aim of the on-going programme is to collaborate with musicians, writers and artists to develop Scottish talent, support the future of musical theatre, and create new musicals that could ultimately be seen on stages across the country.

Both venues are committed to continuing to invest in new musicals, showcasing Scotland’s talent.

Applications are now open for artists to submit their ideas for a new musical to be explored and developed alongside Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Capital Theatres. Shortlisted applications will be awarded seed commissions and supported in the next phase of their development, including scratch performances for an invited audience in Pitlochry and Edinburgh. The applications will be reviewed by a panel of leading creatives, actors, directors and producers.


The Musicals Commissioning Hub is funded by Capital Theatres and Pitlochry Festival Theatre


Musicals Commissioning Hub

More information and details on how to apply 

Deadline to apply: 26 April 2024