9 May, 2019

2020 Springtime Production Announced for Pitlochry

Pitlochry Festival Theatre is pleased to announce it will present its first spring production in 2020. Pitlochry have teamed up with the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh to co-produce Neil Simon’s romantic comedy, Barefoot In The Park - 12 to 29 March.

In a break from rehearsing Summer Holiday and The Crucible in Pitlochry’s Summer Season, PFT’s Artistic Director, Elizabeth Newman, who will direct the play, said:

“We are thrilled to be making Barefoot in the Park with the Royal Lyceum Theatre next year. Neil Simon is famous for so many great comedies that have delighted audiences for decades. There’s no denying that Barefoot In The Park played on Broadway for 5 years because it is a totally joyous story. Neil Simon also decided to celebrate passionate women in this play. The incredible woman at the centre of this comedy is Corie. She is a glorious free-spirit striving to experience, like so many people, a full and happy life. She wants her marriage to Paul to be filled with love but faces some (recognisable!) bumps along the way. It’s also very funny and perfect for conjuring up that springtime feeling, when everything seems afresh and new and brimming with possibility. The kind of feeling that makes you want to run barefoot in Pitlochry or Princes Street Gardens! Set in glorious Manhattan, we promise that the production will be fresh and fizzy with fun sixties tunes, and even a few jives and a couple of twists for audiences to enjoy.”

Kris Bryce, PFT’s Executive Director said:

“As a significant contributor to the local economy and driver for tourism, this production of Barefoot in the Park is positive news for many of the tourist attractions, accommodation providers, and other businesses within Perthshire. Our production is expected to bring an additional 6,000 visitors to the area in a quieter period of the year and add to the already c. £20m we contribute to the local economy of Perth & Kinross.”

Tickets for Barefoot In The Park are now on sale. Click here to book online or call the Box Office team on 01796 484626.

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