15 December, 2016

A Trio Of Tiny Tims From Scone

Children from across Perthshire have been dazzling audiences in Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Christmas production of Scrooge - The Musical! No fewer than 15 youngsters have taken up roles including the cast’s three Tiny Tims: Chloe Bloice (7), Elise Brand (9) and Kate Laing (8), who all hail from Scone.The trio of friends attend a mix of singing, theatre and dance classes with Ad Lib Theatre, Julie Young School of Dance and Inspire Studio and have enjoyed performing in a number of smaller, local productions. The casting in Scrooge - The Musical! is the biggest show to date for all three girls and is proving to be the experience of their young lifetimes!

Gillian Laing, Kate’s Mum commented, “We couldn’t believe it when we heard that all three Tiny Tims come from Scone – the girls were so excited to be cast in such a fantastic role. From the first audition right through to their opening nights the whole experience has been incredible.”

She added, “ I think it can be daunting for parents when young kids want to step into what is a very adult environment but PFT and the entire cast have been wonderful every step of the way. They’re learning so much and you can see quite clearly how much they’ve all developed. More importantly though, they’re all loving every minute of it.”

The girls, in unison, gave a chorus of “Amazing!” when asked how their experience has been.

Auditions for the junior roles took place over October with rehearsals starting in early November. The young company is made up of three groups who play in rotation alongside the 16-strong professional cast, backed by a live 8 piece band.

The show has received much in the way of applause from Scottish Theatre critics and audiences alike and runs until December 23rd. Tickets for remaining performances are still available from Box Office on 01796 484626 or click here to book through our website.

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