1 June, 2018

Animals: the show – roars into town

ANIMALS - the show, arrives at Pitlochry Festival Theatre this Sunday, 3 June at 2pm, continuing a summer of events especially for children and families on the first Sunday of every month.  ANIMALS is a show about… animals. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones. It’s also a show about us, and our emotions. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones.  From the joy of delivering a new lamb with your own hands, to the pain of losing your pet dog, and the confusion of discovering your favourite cow is in love with a tractor! - ANIMALS explores how animals help us ‘figure stuff out’.

Over the course of the last year, award-winning artist Greg Sinclair worked with 6-year olds at three Perthshire schools, collecting their stories about their real-life relationships and interactions with animals.

Performing with Hannah Venet, the duo use a variety of props and costumes to bring the children’s stories to life: whether it’s cool cats, primped poodles, sheep or even  goldfish – they all come to life in an imaginative playground setting. There’s live music, dance and film, alongside the voices of the children telling their own animal tales.

Greg’s work is an exploration of how to make sound and music into a visual/physical experience. This makes it more accessible for deaf/hearing impaired individuals and can also benefit learning-disabled audience members.

A beautifully crafted little production, suitable for everyone 6 years and older, their families and friends. Bring your little ones along on Sunday afternoon for a captivating, interactive and laughter-filled show.

To book your tickets and to find out more about the Summer fun:
call our Box Office Team on 01796 484626 or click here to book online.

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