17 July, 2018

Show number five is on its way!

With four shows up, running and receiving fabulous reviews, show number five is on its way! The last magical touches are being applied to Before The Party, opening Thursday, 19 July with two preview performances at 2pm and 8pm. A little-performed play by Rodney Ackland (best known for Absolute Hell, recently performed at the National Theatre in London), it’s based on a 1926 short story by W. Somerset Maugham.

Post-war style, sharp, funny - and with a few stings in the tail – central character, Laura Skinner, is freshly back to late 1940’s Surrey from West Africa and mourning her lately deceased husband... or is she?

Director, Gemma Fairlie tells us more...

“This is a post-war world of gossip, golf clubs and garden parties. On the surface it seems to sit somewhere between Noel Coward and sitcom. But that’s the great thing about Ackland’s work: appearances can be deceiving.”

Laura, played by Kirsty McDuff (back at PFT after Para Handy), explained more about her role:

“She went off to West Africa to live with a man, whom she married and he was quite a bit older… then he died and, when she comes back to live in England, she has to deal with his death. It’s a very meaty character with such high stakes.”

Amanda Stoodley, Set and Costume designer for Before The Party – her debut at Pitlochry - explains there’s more to the story than meets the eye:

“The Skinners are all about keeping up appearances… so it was all about creating an environment for Laura’s room, that all was not how it seemed.

Gemma went on:
“Our walls are a vital part… to create a beautiful set that our audiences will come in and think well, that’s just stunning. But then you take them on a journey of what it can do and what it means and you surprise them. It’s not just telly - it doesn’t just have to be a normal one-room set – it’s theatre and it has to feel live and exciting and dangerous. And fun!”  

To uncover the intrigue behind the Skinners, with more wonderful Art Deco-inspired period costume, make sure you book your tickets. Call PFT’s Box Office team on 01796 484 626 or click here to buy online

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