25 June, 2018

Camrie returns to Perthshire for Pitlochry Summer Season

One of the 17-strong ensemble for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre repertory Season this Summer is feeling right at home, as she brings life to her characters in Chicago, Quality Street, and Travesties, all of which have opened in the last few weeks.

Camrie Palmer is a born-and-bred Perthshire lass growing up in the little village of Abernyte, just over the hill from the Carse of Gowrie.  Camrie lived there until achieving her dream of getting into drama school in Manchester.

Camrie tells us:

“I remember being a teenager and finding it rather annoying that the nearest bus stop was three miles away!  But overall I loved growing up in the countryside.  It’s lovely that when I go back, there are still the same people living there who were there when I was born.  There’s a real sense of community that I think is pretty special."

Camrie graduated from Manchester in 2015 and then went on to join the Citizens Theatre Company for a year under their actor internship scheme. Now living in Glasgow, she is always happy to get back to her Perthshire roots. So, succeeding through the highly competitive auditions for roles in three productions with Pitlochry Festival Theatre, is a double win.

Hearing all about Pitlochry Festival Theatre as she grew up in Perthshire and the unique phenomenon in the UK, of a repertoire that builds up to performing 6 different shows in 6 days, Camrie’s sights were set on joining the Season ensemble and sampling the thrills and challenges of rehearsing, opening and performing in three different productions at once – in Camrie’s case, three of the first four to open.

Camrie told us a little about the roles she’s playing: in J. M. Barrie’s ‘Austenesque’, romantic period costume drama, Quality Street, and Sir Tom Stoppard’s, at once clever and daft comedy masterpiece, Travesties.

Quality Street is a play about two sisters during the Regency era (so some lovely costumes…) and how they navigate unmarried life. I am playing Susan, the older sister who has long since accepted her destiny to be an unmarried ‘old maid’ – but that doesn’t mean she’s not a hopeless romantic and has dreams of her beautiful younger sister, Phoebe, having the kind of romance she can only dream about now. Susan is such a joy to play: she is so kind-hearted and almost childlike in her hopeful outlook but depends heavily on her younger sister to be the ‘Lion-hearted’ one.

“In Travesties I play Gwendolen, a character lifted from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.  Again, a costume drama but, every scene is a completely different style to the last! From a scene made up entirely of limericks, to a love scene that’s half-Shakespearean-half-Wildean, to a music hall version of the tea scene from The Importance of Being Earnest, it’s a very clever play with plenty of word-play and references that literary lovers will appreciate, and expect from a Tom Stoppard play. But at its heart, it is a humorous and accessible story of an ageing man retelling some of the most exciting years of his life… with the ‘odd’ mistake along the way!”

Catch Camrie in her homeland debut, book your tickets with the Box Office team on 01796 484 626 or click here to buy online.

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