13 September, 2017

Celebrating musical success!

With little over a month left in PFT's unique Summer Season of six shows, this year’s dazzling musical, High Society, is on track to become the best-selling show of all time in the Theatre in the Hills’s 66 year history!

During its rise towards the top, High Society has overtaken four of the previous five top selling shows:
Hello, Dolly! (2013), Kiss Me, Kate (2010), The Unexpected Guest (1999) and, most recently, Whisky Galore – A Musical! (2009). With just ten performances remaining, High Society now sits less than 1,000 ticket sales behind PFT's best-selling show ever: My Fair Lady in 2011.

To date, the smash hit High Society has been enjoyed by over 19,000 people, drawn from all across the UK and overseas, and has generated close to £500,000 in Box Office income.

“This is great news for PFT”, said John Durnin, PFT`s Artistic Director. “Around 60% of our annual turnover is invested directly in our in-house productions – more than double the amount spent by the Lyceum in Edinburgh or the Citizens in Glasgow, who typically average 28% - and the success of shows like High Society demonstrates that audiences really respond to this high level of investment in the work on the stage.” He added: “This success is just as important for the regional and national economies - every year, PFT contributes between £13m and £20m in economic benefit to the Scottish economy, so attracting audiences in numbers like these further boosts that contribution.”

PFT has been Scotland’s leading producer of musicals since 2009 and enjoys an enviable reputation for delivering superb, high quality musical entertainment, with large, talented casts and bands, beautifully realised sets, and copious, exquisitely detailed costumes, all on a scale that cannot be found anywhere else in Scotland.

Mr. Durnin added “The final performance of the Summer Season is High Society (on Saturday 14th October, 8pm) and I don’t think there could be a better way to bring down the curtain on such a successful Summer than to tell the audience that they have just seen the best-selling show of all time at PFT.”

Tickets can be purchased online>> or by calling Box Office on 01796 484626.

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