4 October, 2018

What if your food started talking back?

Eaten is a new work for children (6yrs+) by Mamoru Iriguchi - an award-winning performance artist - about food, eating and being eaten, and, fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival success, Mamoru brings his show to Pitlochry Festival Theatre, this coming Sunday, 7 October at 2pm.Can you imagine if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. But Lionel hasn’t chewed his food very well, so Mamoru’s alive and well in his tummy, and now wants to say hello! Donning a lion costume, Mamoru Iriguchi simultaneously plays the roles of the eater (Lionel the lion - who dreams of being a vegetarian) and the eaten (Mamoru, the human who loves meat).

Though a dialogue about food, between the predator and his prey, locked in one body, the show invites children and grown-ups to think about the fascinating world of food chains and our place in the natural world. Occasionally interrupted by Conceptual Cow who represents all the cows eaten by Lionel or Mamoru in the past, the strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow… until Mamoru gets totally digested.

Lionel’s sorrow over the loss of his new best friend, won’t last too long however, as more colourful characters take to the stage including Giant Daisy and Dr. Poo, who emerges from Lionel’s bottom  with a triumphant fart.

Together with director Eilidh MacAskill and a co-performer Suzi Cunningham – Mamoru invites children and grown-ups to consider, ‘what should we eat?’, and ‘who should eat us!’.

Another in a summer of events especially for children and families, make sure you book your tickets and bring along your little ones for a fun-filled afternoon at the theatre! Call the Box Office team on 01796 484626 or click here to book online.

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