12 June, 2018

“A fast-paced mix of Wilde, Monty Python, Music Hall, Marx and the Goons.”

Travesties - the fourth show to open in as many weeks at Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) – launches this Thursday, 14 June with two preview performances at 2pm and 8pm. PFT are lucky to get the show at this time, having just hit Broadway following a sell-out, box office smash in a London revival with Tom Hollander.

Following the gloriously funny and unexpectedly relevant 1800s, period comedy, Quality Street, Tom Stoppard’s Travesties continues in Pitlochry’s renowned costume drama prowess, this time set at the end of World War I, with spats, boaters and the odd monocle to boot. Those with knowledge of Stoppardian literature might expect something heavyweight. But Director Richard Baron tells us to, “Expect the unexpected!”

Travesties involves loads of theatrical styles in quick succession - spot the musical, limericks, vaudeville: from trouser-dropping farce, to love story, to the heartache of ageing memory loss, there are puns, showmanship, even magic tricks!

Mark Elstob, a familiar face to Pitlochry Festival Theatre-lovers - Present Laughter, This Happy Breed, and the CATS award-winning The Monarch Of The Glen – tells us:

It appears to masquerade as a learned, academically demanding piece, but it’s not.  It’s a funny, daft, clever romp - a fast-paced mix of Oscar Wilde, Monty Python, Music Hall, Marx and The Goons. You don’t need to know anything. When Michael Palin burst into a scene, screaming “NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!”, we didn’t need to know anything about history, did we?”

Richard Baron, directing Travesties for his third time, tells us Mark is tailor-made for orchestrating the fun and frivolity of Travesties. Just like the deft, steering hand of The Monarch Of The Glen’s Narrator-come-Butler, with lots of audience contact at which Mark is so adroit, he keeps his central character, Henry Carr’s runaway mental train on its track (mostly)!

Richard explains:

You’ll be surprised all the time, but then it will suddenly move you. You’ll be entertained from beginning to end with big philosophical arguments in comic scenes to enjoy on many levels, and all done in a frothy farce.”

So, however you take your theatre – face-value entertainment, or with all the many layers of meaning you can soak up - it’s all there in Travesties.

Make sure you book your tickets. Call PFT’s Box Office team on 01796 484 626 or click here to buy online.

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