22 July, 2019

Gifted guitarists and musicians, Jinksi, return to Pitlochry

A partnership forged from acoustic roots and the love of a strong melody, Jinksi return to Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Tuesday, 23 July, 8pm: two highly gifted guitarists and musicians, in a rare, one-off appearance, performing a fusion of folk, country, and pop in an intimate River Room gig.

Recently appearing on TV with BBC 1 The One Show, Jinksi promise an evening of music that touches the borders of folk, country and pop whilst remaining resolutely modern.

Playing live with just two voices and two guitars, Steve and Dave keep the songwriting tradition alive, their songs telling stories of love, joy, loneliness and longing – both intricate and soulful - along with foot-stomping, sing-a-long, raucous songs full of passion and originality. They have built a reputation of music for the head and the heart, supporting such artists as Joe Jackson, The Proclaimers and Lindisfarne.

Singer-songwriter Steve Wegrzynski, from whom the name Jinksi derives – Steve shortened his surname for easier recognition playing live throughout Europe - appeared at The Reading Festival, Hackney Empire and London's Mean Fiddle. Dave Kennedy, the other half of Jinski, is an innovative and original guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished producer and arranger. Dave was a founder member of 21 strangers, managed by the late Chas Chandler (of The Animals and Jimi Hendrix fame). More recently, he’s been heard with the tortured fender thrashers, STAN.

With a cutting lyrical edge, Jinski capture the mundane and the magic in everyday life: taking the little things that matter and revealing the bigger picture with songs that capture the moment, ask simple questions and offer some reflection.

Tickets are just £12.50 and there’s still time to get yours.

Call the Box Office on 01796 484 626 or click here to book online.

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