In memoriam: Maggi Lindsay

PFT is in mourning today for our dear friend and colleague, the wonderful Maggi Lindsay, who passed away yesterday after a short illness.

Maggi worked at PFT as a Stage Manager and Deputy Stage Manager for over twenty years and was back with us again in March to start rehearsals for the current Summer Season. A little over three weeks ago, Maggi was still in the prompt corner for the opening two performances of Mary Rose: she was determined to see the show go up, with her calling the cues, before she had to hand over the reins in order to start treatment for her illness.

During her long career, Maggi worked with pretty much every theatre company in Scotland, but since the 1990s, Maggi has been at the heart of the Stage Management teams for PFT's Summer Seasons when, for eight months of the year, Pitlochry would become her adopted second home. The start of each new Season would always be truly signalled when Maggi arrived from Edinburgh in yet another old banger (none of which, mysteriously, ever seemed to break down!), her sleeves rolled up and her enthusiasm for the hard work that lay ahead clear for all to see.

A much loved and highly valued member of the Stage Management team, Maggi made an immense contribution to PFT over the years, not least by guiding and quietly mentoring many who were taking their first steps in the business. Hard working, loyal, committed, always cheerful, supportive and encouraging, Maggi came to embody all that was and is good about PFT. Her loss has come as a huge shock to all the staff here and she will be greatly missed, both by us and by many others in the Scottish theatre community.

Everyone at PFT extends their deepest sympathies to Maggi's family, especially to her three children, Leon, Anthony and Niki, all of whom were with her when she slipped away.

RIP, Maggi. We'll miss you terribly.

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