10 May, 2018

Monarch Of The Glen nominated for BEST NEW PLAY

We're delighted by the Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) nomination for Peter Arnott’s adaption of Compton Mackenzie’s novel The Monarch Of The Glen, which played at the theatre last autumn.

Director Richard Baron said:

"Although I have directed over forty shows at Pitlochry, The Monarch Of The Glen is the first time I have had the pleasure of collaborating on a newly commissioned work with a living Scottish playwright. Peter Arnott's astutely light-hearted adaptation of Compton Mackenzie's 1930s Highland farce brought an enjoyable contemporary bite of sharp political satire to a script that was great fun to stage in the madcap manner of previous Pitlochry productions such as John Buchan's The 39 Steps and Graham Greene's Our Man In Havana. It also enabled me to assemble a crack Scottish cast with a blend of youth and experience, many of whose members had never acted at Pitlochry before.”

Playwright Peter Arnott said:

"I've done a number of adaptations of classic Scottish novels...and I was delighted that The Monarch Of The Glen was on Pitlochry Festival Theatre's wish list as well as mine. It's a gloriously anarchic and forensically satirical attack on Scottish identity; in both its Unionist and Nationalist avatars...taking no prisoners on either side...it's also properly funny. I'm delighted that through a brilliant cast and expert direction we were able to bring its spirit to a contemporary Scottish audience in the aftermath of the Referendum.

Scotland is, and always will be, an argument.  But there seems no good reason not to look ourselves in a comedy mirror while we're tearing each other’s hair out."

Kris Bryce, Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Executive Director, said:

“After enthusiastic audience responses to previous autumn productions, it was great to work with Peter and explore how Scottish literary fiction might be successfully adapted for the Pitlochry stage. This type of programming reflects our rural context and location, and was hugely popular with our audience. It was a joy to see Compton Mackenzie’s story brought to life in such a funny and contemporary way. Richard’s humour and lightness of touch, a strong creative team, and a great ensemble all worked together to produce fantastic results.

Everyone at Pitlochry is delighted to see The Monarch Of The Glen nominated for Best New Play.”

The CATS Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 10 June at Perth Theatre.

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