24 January, 2018

New Supergroup Descend on Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Saturday night headliners at the fourteenth Winter Words Festival at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 2-18 February, are a new Supergroup… of crime writers!

It all started across the pond, at open mic night at The House of Blues in New Orleans – they couldn’t have written it any better. Best-selling authors, Mark Billingham, Stuart Neville and Doug Johnstone (fuelled with liquid inspiration) had a great idea…

A year on, and with the strapline ‘murdering songs for fun’, they have teamed up with more crime-writing pals, Val McDermid, Luca Veste and Chris Brookmyre to form crime-writing supergroup, the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers - a live, and somewhat dangerous, full-on, rock ‘n’ roll experience.

Following Queen of Scottish Crime-writing, Val McDermid’s conversation with Doug Johnstone in the afternoon, discussing her latest novel, Insidious Intent, this staggering six-pack will take to the stage, where their fans can see them step out of their literary comfort zones to perform crime-related cult classics, including I Fought the Law, Folsom Prison Blues and a number of surprises, from time-honoured bands such as The Clash, Talking Heads, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and many others who maybe considering legal action...

Unsurprisingly peppered with a dark humour, in discussing what may constitute a soundtrack for their books with The Skinny magazine, Mark Billingham suggested, “It's possible that a particularly vicious and twisted killer could use music as part of their murderous M.O. Imagine, if you dare, the suffering of a victim whose life ebbs away while they are forced to listen to Agadoo or The Chicken Song.”

Even darker, musing possible soundtracks for his latest novel Crash Land, of numerous 'plane crash' songs he could have selected, Doug Johnstone 'landed’ on Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver, visualising, ‘"So kiss me and smile for me,” John whispers, as the fuselage breaks in half and the propeller slices through the cabin. “Tell me you’ll wait for me,” he croons, as the rows of seats get ripped from the floor and thrown out the gaping maw in the plane’s body. “Already I’m so lonesome I could die.” Hmmm, let’s not forget how Denver died in real life, after all.’

Will John Denver feature in their set? Come and find out with this merry band of best-sellers from the four corners of the UK, for an evening’s entertainment to bring the Winter Words Saturday evening to a rebel-rousing conclusion!

To book your places today, call PFT’s Box Office team on 01796 484626 or go click here to book online.

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