21 November, 2018

Pitlochry children join marketing for The Wizard Of Oz

Pitlochry Festival Theatre enlisted the help of young designers from Pitlochry Primary School, to roll out the marketing campaign for the much-anticipated, festive musical spectacular, The Wizard Of Oz, opening this Friday, 23 November.

The children, either individually or in pairs, were asked to design a poster for the iconic and much-loved musical, with the winning entries displayed on the Pitlochry High Street in the theatre's ticket office main window.

Class teacher, Miranda Barrie told us:
“Our children were all very keen to get to grips with rainbows and emerald cities, and all the characters from this magical story, excited that they would be judged at the theatre and the top three - first Alesia Maria, second Evie and Iona, third Thomas - put on show in the theatre shop. Collaborating with the theatre on the festive show has been such an enjoyable project. Several children in the class have parents who work in the theatre, so they are very knowledgeable, and right now we are having a go at building our own Wizard Of Oz sets and hope to work with the costume designers to create a collage, using left over material from the wardrobe department.”

The Wizard Of Oz Director, Gemma Fairlie, explained:

“The theatre’s marketing department blind-judged the posters from a wonderfully colourful array of entries. All of them were initially displayed in the theatre’s Port Na Craig rehearsal rooms, as the cast arrived and got to grips with their characters, choreography, acrobatics - and canine performers! Seeing how excited the schoolchildren already were about the show encouraged our Oz inhabitants enormously, at the beginning of their journey along the Yellow Brick Road!”

Make sure you come out of the cold and grey this season and join the children embracing all the glorious technicolour of this classic Christmas movie, on the stage! Call the Box Office team on 01796 484626 or click here to check availability and book online.

Now just click your heels and say… there’s no place like Pitlochry!

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