5 June, 2018

Pitlochry opens Quality Street this week (no, not the tin!)

J.M. Barrie’s Quality Street - the third show to open in as many weeks at Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) – launches this Thursday, 7 June with two preview performances at 2pm and 8pm. A romantic exploration of passing youth, second chances and the transformative power of love – expect empire-line dresses and redcoats a-plenty!

Following the slicked-down raunch of Chicago and raucous-yet-poignant, northern realism of Little Voice, this Thursday’s opening presents a complete step-change with a charming, early 1800s, period comedy. Miss Phoebe of the Ringlets and Captain Valentine Brown introduce a world of Regency dances, ladylike ladies and chivalrous blades. In true Austen style, audiences will be whirled through balls, flirt with redcoats and fluster with busy-bodies while, through disguise and deception, Barrie explores his themes of growing old and redeeming love.

Written before Peter Pan, Quality Street premièred in 1901, was a huge hit in London’s West End and yes, gave its name to the chocolates and the characters to the original tin decoration.

So, make sure you book your tickets in time to practice your Quadrille, polish your silver buckles, and leave the old maid’s cap at home!

Call PFT’s Box Office team on 01796 484 626 or click here to buy online

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