13 July, 2017

The Ruling Class, Peter Barnes’s play from 1968, is particularly relevant today

With opening night just a week away, rehearsals for The Ruling Class, written by Peter Barnes, are well under way.

First staged 1968, The Ruling Class is an irreverent critique of entitlement and exploitation, madness, aristocracy and division. Director, John Durnin, sees the play’s relevance to the cultural climate we live in today: “I think the play matters now because we seem to be living in an ever more divided world, where the things we used to take for granted are under more and more stress.” He continues, saying “Barnes had a great belief in laughter as a great leveler… he forces you to recognize that the world he’s depicting is inherently unjust and unfair, but by laughing at it, you can expose the unfairness more”

Jack Wharrier (pictured) plays the dark and delusional 14th Earl of Gurney, a role that earned Peter O’Toole an Oscar nomination and was recently played in London by James McAvoy.

The Ruling Class is the fifth to open, in Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Season Season of six shows. It opens on Thursday 20 July.

Book tickets online at here or call Box Office on 01796 484 626.

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