11 April, 2019

Saba Douglas-Hamilton brings Elephant Tales to Pitlochry

Conservationist, award-winning TV presenter, anthropologist, author and public speaker, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, arrives at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Friday, 19 April, 7.30pm to tell all about her Life With Elephants - living and growing up in Africa, and working with some of the most endangered life on the planet.

Saba has added brand new material to her 2017 acclaimed show, to captivate audiences with stories of her work in Kenya, where she lives with her husband and three children: growing up among elephants, and later, working to save them alongside her inspirational parents.

Whilst sharing remarkable tales from her childhood in the Great Rift Valley, highlights from her decade as a BBC wildlife presenter, and the adventure of raising her own children in the wild, her underlying message emphasises the role each of us can play in protecting the natural world.

Drawing on the pioneering work of Save the Elephants (the charity that she helped her father establish in 1997), and her own efforts to create a grassroots coalition for the environment, Saba takes the audience on a compelling journey through the challenges of ivory poaching and shrinking wildlife habitats to the inspiring solutions offered by high-tech tracking technologies, innovative collaborations and a passionate group of traditional Kenyan women who are helping to defend migration corridors for elephants and other wildlife in a fast changing world.

In an interview with Saba, she explained how she first became interested in conservation and specifically elephants:

“Growing up amongst elephants and watching them interact with one another on a daily basis cemented my love for all wild creatures in a much deeper way. I found elephants to be endlessly fascinating, partly because they were so much like us but mostly because they were such drama queens! Elephants do everything on a big scale – love, joy, grief, anger, lust – it makes us look rather boring and grey in comparison. Through them I began to learn how everything in nature is interconnected, and how the presence or absence of elephants affects entire ecosystems.

"When I was in my teens, poaching of elephants for ivory began to spiral out of control and I witnessed the slaughter first hand. It was absolutely sickening, and brought home to me how fragile their existence was. That’s when I realised that I would be involved in elephant conservation one way or another my entire life.

"Both my parents have been enormously inspirational to me as role models, leading by example in their battle to protect the intrinsic right of wild species to exist on this planet with or without mankind. I share their passion and it has shaped the way I think about the world, from the perspective of a conservationist where life’s truths are founded in biology and science. We live on a finite planet - a fact that we ignore at our peril.”

Join Saba at Pitlochry for an evening of exciting wildlife stories as well as unique and intimate behind-the-scenes tales of life in Kenya with her young family in a remote safari camp.

Tickets are now limited - to book yours, call PFT’s Box Office team on 01796 484 626 or click here to buy online.

Photo Credit: Sam Gracey

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