11 September, 2018

The Search For Toto!

Is your dog a little star just waiting to be discovered? Pitlochry Festival Theatre is on the hunt for a charismatic canine to join the professional cast, acrobats and aerial artists on stage this coming Festive Season, in the much-anticipated musical spectacular, The Wizard Of Oz, 23 November to 23 December.

Dorothy needs a Toto who’s small enough and happy to be picked up and held, is trained to walk on the lead, will sit and come when called and won’t be phased by an audience of over 500 saying “aahhhh” in unison when they take to the stage!

The Wizard Of Oz Director, Gemma Fairley told us:
"In my ten months living in Pitlochry, dogs have become a huge part of my life. As well as getting my own canine pal it has been wonderful to get to know some of the local dog owners and meet all their fabulous four-legged friends. It felt only right that we should introduce some of them to our audience at PFT. We are definitely a town of dog-lovers – never mind a country!"

So, if you’re local to the Theatre, free to chaperone your dog at all technical runs and half the performance days (pssst! there’ll be TWO Totos so you won’t have to be there for every show) then it’s time for your four-legged friend to shine!

Auditions for potential Totos will take place in the afternoon of 28 September at the theatre’s Port Na Craig rehearsal studios next to Fonab Castle. If your perfect pooch is ready to twinkle like the little star they are, send a photo along with one sentence of why they would make the perfect Toto to casting@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com

Now don your dog in their best ruby slippers and get on up The Yellow Brick Road!

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