12 November, 2018

The Wizard Of Oz takes flight at Pitlochry

Rehearsals are well underway at Pitlochry Festival Theatre for their festive musical, The Wizard Of Oz - preparing to open, Friday, 23 November at 7.30pm - and part of the cast are taking flight to bring a whole set of surprises to the iconic story.

Director, Gemma Fairlie explained:

“I’m don't want to give too many of the secrets away yet. Yes, there will be circus in the production and a bold visual aesthetic with lots of surprises but I don’t want to say what the aerial will be used for. Just to say, I am keen to create the same wow factor that technicolour would have had for those initial cinema audiences, but in a fresh theatrical way.”

Miranda Menzies and Beverley Grant, PFT’s very own magical, aerial, dance theatre performers and acrobats, have been training for a few weeks already, in Glasgow, and now have their own rehearsal space set up specifically for their talents at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Miranda performed alongside Katherine Jenkins at The Royal Albert Hall, while Beverley trained with Ballet Rambert and was awarded a BBC Performing Arts Fellowship.

Beverley told us:

“The show is going to be spectacular, everything has been so well thought out and it feels like such a collaborative cast. The audience will be captivated by the design, movement, lights, music and some added magic. Working in Pitlochry is so calming: it’s stunning scenery and welcoming community has made working at the theatre such a personalised experience. I previously worked at the Enchanted Forest as an aerialist so it’s lovely being back in Pitlochry for the winter”

Make sure you get your tickets and keep your eye out for them flying in from above!

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