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We’re delighted to share our partnership with Prime Theatre, a drama via audio – LOCKDOWN STREET.

Six writers aged 10 to 19 worked with playwright Janys Chambers to create the individual scenes that make up this production. The final script was recorded by young Prime Theatre actors and members of the 2020/2021 Pitlochry Festival Theatre professional ensemble.

How has lock down been experienced on one street in the UK? Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Prime Theatre worked together to explore the lives and challenges of how we’re living now. PFT Youth Theatre and Youth Dance members have been invited to respond to the work with writing and their own images of lockdown.

Based in Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, Prime Theatre makes theatre for and with children and young people aged 5-25, inspiring and producing new young performers, writers, technicians and more…

Formed in 1986, touring professional plays to primary and secondary schools – issues from road safety to teenage pregnancy – in the last 15 years, they expanded to include classic adaptations (Grimm Tales etc…) and completely original plays. They have worked with other theatre companies to tour the South West and the UK.

The Youth Theatre began in 1990, producing 1000s of young artists, including Billie Piper. 120 members learn acting, technical, playwriting and other creative skills. They have outreach projects in a variety of regional schools, engaging with 1000s of pupils each year. They are exemplar Arts Award deliverers: which is a national arts qualification validating creative activities and development.

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