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Two articleby Jim Cartwright


4-Stars By the end, you feel as though all of human life has passed before your eyes The Times


Terrific Two show rich tapestry of human emotion… a wonderfully crafted production Perthshire Advertiser


“This is our life, those bar sides, to them wall sides and that’s it. People and pints and measures and rolling out the bloody barrel.”

A northern town at the end of the 1980s. It’s the era of the wine bar – and the gastro pub is just around the corner. Time is being called on that great British institution, the beer-and-fags, spit-and-sawdust
pub . . .

Pub: a place where people meet and play, celebrate and console, talk and fight. There’s Fred and Alice, lumpy, loveable, who accept their lot and look after each other; Roy, whose frustrations get piled on the downtrodden Lesley; Moth, a failed Romeo, and Maudie, the only woman who’ll have him; the wholly unsuited Igers, who somehow muddle along; and assorted singletons, with nowhere else to go. And behind the bar, the centre of everyone’s attention, the Landlord and Landlady, pulling pints, bickering, brawling, painting on smiles that hide the terrible secret that has driven them apart.  

Using a quickfire succession of scenes from the hilarious to the deeply moving, and a cast of just two to play all fourteen characters, Jim Cartwright’s rich, affectionate portrait of one night in the life of a pub is a vivid, thrilling, theatrical tour de force.




4-Stars The Daily Telegraph


“ . . . this perfect little play . . . I cannot think of a play I have enjoyed more or felt more moved.” The Independent


Please note that this play contains strong language.




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