An outrageously surreal, clever and chaotic comedy masterpiece

In his slightly shabby Zurich apartment, a minor British diplomat, Henry Carr, looks back in old age to his youth, and the summer of 1917, when the city of clocks was awash with spies, artists and subversives, and the First World War raged all around... 

This was also the year in which, according to Henry, he appeared in a rather successful amateur production of The Importance Of Being Earnest directed by James Joyce. And he was able to choose his own trousers (such a pleasure!) and wear two complete changes of costume. 

And weren't Tristan Tzara, the founder of Dadaism, and Lenin, the godfather of the Russian revolution, involved too? They most certainly were. According to Henry...

The problem is that Henry’s memory, like an unregulated clock, is a touch unreliable. And his memories have a habit of changing, even as he recounts them. Did Joyce really have a secretary called Gwendolyn? Was the Zurich Public Library really overseen by - wait for it - Cecily? When did the mad, charming Tzara become Jack to Henry’s Algernon? And who turned the dour Joyce into Lady Bracknell? 

In this mis-remembered world, Henry gives himself a starring role in the political, artistic and literary revolutions that were to shape the 20th Century, whilst madcap, Dadaist mischief erupts all around, inspired by the spirit of Oscar Wilde.

Stoppard's award-winning comedy features high-wire feats of linguistic daring, allusion, word-play and pastiche. Make sure you catch this wild(ean), intensely entertaining mélange of art, literature, philosophy - and trousers!

star star star star

"Consummate cast... elaborate theatricality"

The Times

“A fun piece… playing cleverly with form”

The Sunday Herald
star star star star


The Scotsman
star star star star

"a melange of theatrical styles... with hilarious physicality"

Across The Arts
star star star star

"a big play of ideas that wears the pop cultural trappings of a fringe show"

The Herald
star star star star

"A literary rollercoaster ride of head-spinning comedy."

The Wee Review

"COMPELLING AND ENTERTAINING… Zany, madap and bizarre."

The Courier
star star star star star

"Just seen an amazing production of Tom Stoppard‘s play Travesties. Everything about it was faultless with an excellent cast
and a first class director. It’s a pity it’s not on DVD, I could watch over and over again."

Peter, TripAdvisor
  • Creative Team

    Director Richard Baron

    Set and Costume Designer Adrian Rees

    Lighting Designer Wayne Dowdeswell

    Choreographer Chris Stuart-Wilson

    Stage Manager Kate Schofield

    Assistant Stage Manager (floor) Lily Howarth

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