Experience a new history of Scotland told through its places.

James Robertson and James Crawford (along with Kathleen Jamie, Alexander McCall Smith and Alistair Moffat), picked twenty-five buildings to tell the story of the nation. Who Built Scotland is a landmark exploration of Scotland’s social, political and cultural history.

From Neolithic families, exiled hermits and ambitious royal dynasties to highland shieling girls, peasant poets and iconoclastic artists, in this enthralling event you’ll discover the remarkable story how we have shaped our buildings and how our buildings, in turn, have shaped us.

James Robertson is the author of the acclaimed novels: The Fanatic, Joseph Knight, The Testament Of Gideon Mack, And The Land Lay Still and To Be Continued.

James Crawford is a former literary agent who has written a number of books such as Fallen Glory: The Lives And Deaths Of Twenty Lost Buildings From The Tower Of Babel To The Twin Towers, Above Scotland: The National Collection Of Aerial Photography and Scotland’s Landscapes. He has just finished filming for a new TV series called Scotland From The Sky.

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