For the puritanical folk of Salem, Massachusetts, the news that their young women have been conjuring spirits in the forest is devastating. It means the devil is amongst them. And the devil must be hunted down and driven out, whatever the cost. Fear and suspicion quickly spiral out of control, unleashing a murderous powder keg of accusations, hysteria, lust and revenge.

Arthur Miller’s 1953 play is one of the most powerful pieces of 20th century theatre. Written as an allegory for McCarthyism, when the US government persecuted its citizens for being communists, this parable of politics, religious fervour and fear is a masterpiece which still resonates in the 21st century.

Post Show Talk:
Wed 04 September (after the matinée and it’s FREE)

BSL Interpreted Performance:
Tues 10 September (8.00pm evening)

Relaxed Performance:
Fri 20 September (2.00pm matinée)


David Rankine


Ali Watt

Reverend Parris

Matthew Tomlinson

Francis Nurse

Marc Small

Reverend Hale

Alexander Bean

Giles Corey

Luke Thornton


Harry Long

John Proctor

Richard Colvin

Thomas Putnam

Wendy Paver

Betty Parris

Alicia McKenzie

Tituba / Mercy Lewis

Fiona Wood

Abigail Williams

Emilie Patry

Ann Putnam / Martha Corey

Barbara Hockaday

Mary Warren / Rebecca Nurse

Claire Dargo

Elizabeth Proctor

Tilly-Mae Millbrook


Lynwen Haf Roberts


Deirdre Davis


  • Creative Team

    Director Elizabeth Newman

    Set and Costume Designer Adrian Rees

    Lighting Designer Johanna Town

    Musical Director and Sound Designer Ben Occhipinti

    Movement and Associate Director Lesley Hutchison

    Fight Director Carter Ferguson

    Stage Manager Kate Schofield

    Deputy Stage Manager (book) Marianne Forde

    Deputy Stage Manager (book) Owen Thomas

    Assistant Stage Manager Annie Winton

  • Writers

    Arthur Miller

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