Toby Gorniak – Polish Romani hip-hop dancer performs, PLUS Folk concert from Thomas McCarthy and Elena Piras 

Part of the BING ANEE TWO-DAY FESTIVAL - full details here

Thomas McCarthy – Irish Traveller, Singer of the Year 2018 (Ireland) - will be performing a collection of traditional Irish Traveller songs, and Elena Piras – Sardinian folk-singer - will be performing Gypsy Traveller, Sardinian, Gaelic and Burns songs. Then they will share a learning cross-over together. 

Award-winning Toby Gorniak, was presented with an MBE last year, in recognition of his transformative work with young people in Plymouth. 

Toby, a Roma Gypsy has been connecting audiences, young people, artists and practitioners for the last thirteen years, through his Hip Hop Company, Street Factory CIC, alongside his wife Jo.

He is fuelled by a deep rooted passion, commitment, determination and philosophy; helping young people to fly, young people who feel they don’t have wings or a direction in life. By creating a springboard, Toby empowers and enables young people to be better connected to their value and see their potential whilst understanding the positive impact they can have within their community.

His work is based on the 10 elements of Hip Hop, and through genuine love and a true trust that every young person, no matter who, has a voice and sound that is worth listening to and amplifying. He is working towards his new venue being recognised globally and already has strong links with America, as well as advocates such as Simon Cowell who gave him an award for 'Outstanding Community Contribution' and actively supports his vision. Toby has also won the Autism Hero National Award, Local Hero Award, Community Business Award and Street Factory has been chosen as one of the Top 100 small businesses nationally.

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