A World Première

Adventures with the Painted People is not so much a Road movie as a River movie for the stage.

It’s a story about stones and sticks.

About books and songs.

About bath-houses and bogs.

About temples and forests.

About Eithne and Lucius.

A Pict and a Roman. Set somewhere in the vicinity of Pitlochry in the year 85 AD during the reign of the Emperor Domitian then Julius Agricola, the longest serving and most powerful governor of Roman Britain.

Lucius is captured by the Picts. Eithne, an extraordinary Pictish woman, risks her life to save him, however she needs something in return…

David Greig is Scotland’s foremost playwright. His award-winning work has been performed and produced all over the world. Recent acclaimed adaptations include Solaris, Local Hero and Touching the Void. Original plays include The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Midsummer, Outlying Islands and Pyrenees.

A Shades of Tay commission.

Post Show Talk:
Wed 4 August, after the matinée

Captioned Performance:
Fri 10 September, 8.00pm

star star star star star

"All five stars are fully deserved and I’d encourage anyone who needs a break from the chaos that 2020 can be, to step back through the Fairy Stones to Caledonia to meet a witch and a Roman who fell in love."

A Younger Theatre
star star star star

"A thoughtful and warm-hearted piece… a poignant reminder of the absence of a stage."

star star star star star

"A triumph of storytellingthe hero is the creative resilience of makers like Greig, Newman and Pitlochry. If a theatrical phoenix is to rise post-pandemic, it could do a lot worse than to look and sound as resplendent as this."

Broadway World UK
star star star star

"Greig's romance has irresistible spark… playful for the most part, though there are sudden sparks of seriousness and poignancy."

star star star star

"A thoroughly enjoyable piece of theatre, but also a reassurance that the heart of Scottish theatre will continue to beat on for a considerable amount of time."

Theatre Weekly
star star star star

"The good news for Scottish theatre lovers is Adventures with the Painted People will return to Pitlochry’s stage in 2021, and it will be fascinating to see how the two versions compare."

North West End UK

"Powerful two-hander… a fascinating romantic drama that brings the ancient past to vivid life."

Daily Express

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