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Schools & Nurseries

A photo of parents with children in a wooden room and looking in the same direction.

Theatre for All. Theatre for a Lifetime

At Pitlochry Festival Theatre, we want everyone to enjoy theatre. Watching it, making it and learning about it too.

From Early Years to Further and Higher Education, we can work with you to enhance the drama work you and students do together.

Early Years

Young Explorers playlist


Primary Schools

Young Explorers playlist


Secondary Schools

Writers through the ages


Poetry Resources

Sorley Maclean

Liz Lochhead

Robert Burns

Edwin Morgan

Further Education

Audition Tips and Shakespeare Performance Tips


Writers through the ages


We’re passionate about bringing theatre to young people, and young people to the theatre. 

We will continue to work with nurseries, schools, HE and FE staff in a bespoke way. We are here for you during this difficult time.

Please get in touch, if there is something we can do to support you to offer learning opportunities to pupils! We will continue to put resources online too.

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Time to breathe As you browse our website, we invite you to take a few minutes to stop, rest and enjoy a story.

Maisy’s Christmas Eve

read by Jane McCarry