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Sound Stage's Audio Drama Season

Experience Our Trio of Audio Dramas

Sound Stage is back for 2024. Your door to audio drama by talented artists, wherever you are in the world. We’re offering you three online broadcasts created by talented artists from across the UK. And, for both Queer, There and Everywhere and Chekhov Double Bill there is the chance to join in the post-show discussion.

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Helping Hands

written by Cathy Forde

Helping Hands tells the story of Rose, an agency support worker, who gives care to the elderly and vulnerable in her community. Hilda is one of those clients.

One day when both women find themselves in crisis, a relationship develops that neither woman expected but both desperately needed.  Whilst Rose battles to understand Hilda’s determination to stay at home no matter how physically frail she becomes, Hilda is determined not to allow Rose to take the same path in life as she has, stifled by expectation and compromise.  However, whilst the relationship is developing, Hilda is choosing to make a decision that will change everything.

Premiered on Sound Stage in November 2021, this play is both a moving and celebratory tale of friendship in times of need.

Helping Hands

An older woman and 2 hand touching on a green backdrop with the words Helping Hands.