21 January, 2019

ACTORS: Connect with Elizabeth Newman, PFT’s Artistic Director

Are you an actor living and working in Scotland? This is for YOU!

Elizabeth Newman, Artistic Director of Pitlochry Festival Theatre, is putting a call out for actors in Scotland, ahead of the 2019 Artistic Programme auditions. In just a few weeks, Elizabeth will be holding and leading a series of open workshops, not only at Pitlochry, but also at theatre venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Elizabeth explains, “Sitting in the very heart of Scotland, it would be natural for us to be the beating heart of Scottish Theatre. As we begin to produce even more work at Pitlochry, we’re reaching out to attract more and more people to come and visit us, but also going beyond our walls into the communities and other theatres across Scotland and beyond.

We’d love our work to be powered by Scottish talent so we’re eager to meet actors who would be excited to be part of our new adventures. I felt a rehearsal workshop would be an informal way to connect with great actors living and working in Scotland, and for them to get to know us - our other Season Directors are coming along to join in too. The session will be like a big rehearsal - looking at some great Scottish poems and plays together - it’ll be really relaxed and enjoyable.”

The workshops are taking place 5 February at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, 1pm - 4pm; 6 February at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 10am - 1pm. The Edinburgh date is still to be announced.

If you’re keen to take part in the workshops, simply email Pitlochry Festival Theatre Company Manager, ruth.alexander@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com with your choice of venue - please let the theatre know if you have any access requirements. There’s nothing to prepare but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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