16 April, 2018

New Show Choir launches tomorrow!

When Pitlochry Festival theatre asked its audiences and the wider community what kind of activities they would love to have a go at, one of the most resounding answers was a Show Choir! And so, within a few months of recognising the demand, PFT are launching exactly that. The new, PFT Show Choir kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 April, 7pm at the Port Na Craig rehearsal rooms, next to Fonab Castle.

Running for an inaugural 10-week term each Tuesday, to make it as accessible as possible, the theatre has kept the price to just £15 for the term! Choir members won’t need any previous experience, there are no X-Factor style auditions and they won't need to read music either.

 As Associate Director, Gemma Fairlie explains:

“During Autumn and Winter last year, along with going out to local markets, we circulated a questionnaire suggesting, and asking for ideas, of what activities PFT could provide, to best serve the local community. We had lots of suggestions come flooding back: from tap dancing to fine art classes, to writing workshops, but the one with by far the greatest demand was a Show Choir - to learn and enjoy songs not only from the stage, but from films and TV too.”

PFT have enlisted the expert leadership of Julie Cleave. Leading Dundee’s The Notables since 2014 - responsible for the music, arrangements and rehearsals as well as organising events and performances - Julie teaches music for Angus Council, has co-ordinated music at Aberdeen Foyer and was a vocal lecturer at Perth College. She also works as a singer and as a private singing teacher throughout Scotland, the UK and the world!

Besides providing a great community activity, Julie told us how joining a choir brings many health benefits:

“Being part of a singing group helps you to meet new people, learn something new, and boost your self-esteem. Your body releases a feel-good hormone when you sing, so you will leave every rehearsal on a high. Singing can also improve circulation, breathing, and posture, give your immune system a boost, and reduce stress.”

PFT’s show choir will be fun and informal, aimed at anyone aged 18 and over, where singers of all abilities can learn some of the best-loved songs from musicals, films and TV shows, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make this first week, you can still come along and join in next Tuesday, 24 April.

So if you love to sing songs from the shows, this is your chance to have a go at some of your favourites! Just call Pitlochry Festival Theatre Box Office Team on 01796 484626 or click here to book online.

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