Shades of Tay - Sunset over the River Tay

Shades of Tay – Launching 4 months of premières!

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We launched SHADES OF TAY last year. However, due to the COVID-19 Crisis, we took the decision to reimagine how our commissioning process works. We want to support artists and audiences to be in dialogue during this difficult time. Therefore, in March and April we commissioned 25 new works for 2020.

Our Love Letter to Scotland

We’re launching over four-months of premières by LEADING BRITISH PLAYWRIGHTS, as part of our unique Shades of Tay project – more than 20 new writings from playwrights and poets – brought to life by the theatre’s 2020 Summer Season ensemble –  released through our digital series, #PFTLightHopeJoy, our online platform helping us to reach you during our closure period.

Starting 7 August with Douglas Maxwell’s Beautiful Boy and will then continue weekly with new writing to look forward to, from Timberlake Wertenbaker, Stephen Greenhorn, Peter Arnott, Jo Clifford, Abi Zakarian, Hannah Khalil, Chinonyerem Odimba, Daniel Bye, Oliver Emanuel, Hannah Lavery, Jenny Lindsay, Martin McCormick, Linda McLean, Michael O’Neill, Frances Poet, Dan Rebellato, Ellie Stewart and Morna Young.

More new works will appear online throughout December from Deborah McAndrew, Bert Clark, Sally Reid, and May Sumbwanyambe. 

And the commissioned work includes plans for bio-sculpting, a water installation, song-writing – including Tay Songs by Ball Boy, and She-Town Ballad by Lila Clements and Tarek Merchant – and for children, Ligach and the Salmon, a story by Lynda Radley, #Whatnowifi, by Giles Conisbee, a reimaginging of Hansel & Greteland a Beaver Ballad, written and performed by renowned playwright and sound designer, Isobel McArthur and MJ McCarthy.

When we reopen we will look to share these new works ‘in the flesh’ at PFT and, also, at our partner venues. The pieces will continue to have an online life via our website and YouTube Channel.

Find out more about Our Love Letter to Scotland and details of what’s coming up.   

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Looking for Fireflies

written by Stephen Greenhorn, and read by Richard Standing.

Here We Are Again

written by Dan Rebellato, and read by Jesse Fox.

Meeting Tatha

written by Hannah Lavery, and read by Kirsty Stuart.

The Message

written by Hannah Khalil, and read by Rachael McAllister.

Cold Water

written by Oliver Emanuel, and read by Kirsty Stuart.

This is the Scene

written and performed by Jenny Lindsay.

Part of that World

written by Michael John O'Neill, and read by Richard Standing.

Beaver Ballad

written by MJ McCarthy and Isobel McArthur, performed by Stephanie McGregor and David Ashwood.

A Passing Dance

written by Morna Young, and read by Rachael McAllister.

22 Mays

written by Martin McCormick, and read by Richard Standing.

Tatha Wakes Up From a Very Long Sleep

written by Abi Zakarian, and read by Barbara Hockaday.

Shadows of Tay

written by Jo Clifford, and read by Blythe Jandoo.

The Birch Tree Speaks

written by Timberlake Wertenbaker, and read by Jesse Fox.

A Man Stands in a Forest

written by Peter Arnott, and read by Richard Colvin.

Fish Woman

written by Frances Poet, and read by Kirsty Stuart.

We All Need Company Sometimes

written by Chinonyerem Odimba and read by Dominique Jackson, Kirsty Stuart, Rachael McAllister and Dan Willis.

This Is Not Schiehallion

written by Ellie Stewart, and read by Blythe Jandoo and Richard Colvin.

After Miss Georgina Ballantine

written by Linda McLean, and read by Rachael McAllister.

Beautiful Boy

written by Douglas Maxwell, and read by Richard Standing.


written by Giles Conisbee, and read by Rachael McAllister, Alex Cardall, Barbara Hockaday and Richard Colvin.

Ligach and the Salmon

written by Lynda Radley, and read by Rachael McAllister, Dan Willis and Kirsty Stuart.