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A man sat in historical dress.

Enough of Him

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Enough of Him

20 – 29 October 2.30pm, 4:30pm & 7.30pm

“To keep that part of me silent. That is what is unbearable. That is why I must be free.”

Based on a true story, Enough of Him explores the life of Joseph Knight, an African man enslaved by plantation owner Sir John Wedderburn and brought to Scotland to serve in his Perthshire mansion.

Highly favoured by Wedderburn and yet still enslaved, Knight balances on the knife edge between obligation and a soul-deep yearning for freedom. He forges a bond with Annie, a young Scottish servant working in the household, and the two of them fall in love.

But the walls of Ballindean do not keep secrets — their affair unsettles Lady Wedderburn, whose bitter loneliness is only deepened by the close bond her husband has with Knight. Joseph will endure bondage no longer. What happens when Joseph’s dreams clash with those of the man who owns him? What becomes of us all when past brutalities bleed into our present realities?

Written by Glasgow-based writer May Sumbwanyambe, this compelling domestic drama is a thrilling exploration of power and its attendant tensions: between those who are enslaved and those who are free, servants and masters, and husbands and wives.


Directed by Orla O’Loughlin


Omar Austin – Joseph Knight

Catriona Faint – Annie

Matthew Pidgeon – Sir John Wedderburn

Rachael-Rose McLaren – Lady Margaret Wedderburn

A National Theatre of Scotland and Pitlochry Festival Theatre co-production.

The production is part of Black History Month and Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

Access Performances:

BSL Interpreted: 28th Oct, 7.30pm
Relaxed performance: 29th Oct, 2.30pm
Captioned performance: 29th Oct, 7.30pm
Audio Description: 29th Oct, 7.30pm

Age: 15+

Content Warning: Some of the topics covered in Enough of Him might be distressing for some audiences. This play contains historically accurate descriptions of enslavement, sexual violence, racist language as well as the use of racial language and occasional scenes of characters in distress – Please ensure you have made those in your care aware of the challenging themes before attending.