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The Maggie Wall

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The Maggie Wall – 9 June to 28 June


By Martin McCormick

A welcome return of this enthralling new play from Martin McCormick, inspired by a monument near Dunning called ‘The Maggie Wall’, the site of a mysterious grave to a woman tried and executed in the 17th century for witchcraft. It’s a collection of stones about 20 feet high, bearing the words in white lettering – “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a witch”.

The Maggie Wall explores the vulnerability of women and injustices suffered by them in a patriarchal and closed community and resonates with contemporary experiences, as well as reminding us of a chapter of Scottish and British history in which many people, predominately women, were accused, tried and killed as suspected witches.

*Advisory warning – we recommend this play for those aged 12 and over, due to strong language and references to violence.

A co-production with Aberdeen Arts Centre.

 A co-production with Aberdeen Arts Centre

To The Bone
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To The Bone

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