Young People’s Activities

Summer activities for young people

We’ve got lots of things to make and do, and join in with, for children of all ages.

Join in with drawing and writing activities, make your own theatre with a chance to win FREE tickets, plus stories and songs just for young people.
Drawing, Writing and Making!

We’d love for you to create fabulous pictures and pieces of writing about the following themes:

  • Life in Lockdown – it could show…
    • what you’ve learnt to enjoy about lockdown and what you want to carry on with when lockdown ends.
    • you sharing a new skill you’ve learnt.
    • what you want to encourage others to carry on doing when we leave lockdown.
  • Life After Lockdown – it could be…
    • what you’re looking forward to doing when we can all meet up again.
    • showing how much hope you have for the future.
    • what you want to encourage others to do when we leave lockdown.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Create an image, picture or collage to show what these ideas mean to you
  2. Write a small dramatic piece of dialogue for each of your images
  3. No more than 30 words for each picture.

Your work will be made into a mini-online piece looking forward to when we can all be together again!

Window Art

We’d love to fill our theatre windows with your artwork. They will be enlarged and displayed in the windows to share your hopes for your future, and the Theatre’s future!  You can send them…
By post: Window to our Future, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry, PH16 5DR
By email:

Build Your Own Theatre

We’ve created a fully illustrated guide of How to Build Your Own Theatre at home, with everyday household items, like brooms, chairs and t-shirts… It also has a story and songs for children and families – of all ages – to perform together, as well as how to make the props, costumes and set for the performance! To find our more, and download your own book, click here:

You can also perform this story with Barbara Hockaday – Day 116 of #PFTLightHopeJoyhere

Win a family ticket!
Send us photos of your home-made stage, or post them on the Theatre’s social media channels, and three selected, will win a family ticket to their choice of Pitlochry show in 2021.

Post to: BUILD YOUR OWN THEATRE, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry, PH16 5DR
email to:

Decorate a Stone

Decorate a Stone for the The Crannog Centre and Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s exhibition, The Squares of our Lockdown. Watch Jason show you how in his guide was on our YouTube channels here.

Beaver Ballad

As part of Build Your Own Theatre, make your own Beaver costume to join in with the Beaver Ballad! Adrian and Trudy will show you how! Look out for this on our social media, YouTube and website from 10 August.

Lots of things to WATCH too!

Salmon Story 

Enjoy the première of Ligach and the Salmon, a brand new story about a Salmon by Lynda Radleyhere.


Enjoy the première of a modern version of Hansel and Gretel by Giles Conisbee – here

Beaver Ballad – from 23 August

Listen to a brilliant Beaver Ballad by Isobel McArthur and MJ McCarthy about the beavers on the River Tay, and join in with the fabulous costumes you’ve made!

Young Explorers Storytelling and activities

Our Young Explorers storytelling series – including Where the Wild Things Are and Giraffes Can’t Dance, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Hairy Maclary – is available on our website, with videos to watch, an activity to go with the story, and instruction sheets to download! To join in now, click here

More online Young People’s videos to enjoy when you want to:

An Action Story – Day 19 of #PFTLightHopeJoyhere

Caitlin and Pepper the dog’s planting videos – from Day 5 of #PFTLightHopeJoyhere

Make a spirally snake – Day 16 of #PFTLightHopeJoyhere

The Tale of Attacus the Water Dancing Rat by Richard Colvin – from Day 80 of #PFTLightHopeJoyhere

And lot’s more!