Comann nam Parant Obar Pheallaidh (Aberfeldy Parents), Fèis Thatha (Festival of the Tay), Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Perth and Kinross Council are working to create, The Tay’s Gaelic Memoir, an inspirational audio theatre project with local children and adults to celebrate their Perthshire Gaelic heritage.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Perth and Kinross Council and two local Gaelic organisations have found they share a commitment and desire to support communities and their people to actively explore language and their heritage.

There is a desire and appetite from our local communities to express themselves in Gaelic and come together to meet other speakers.
All local Primary and Secondary schools teach Gaelic and there are Gaelic medium classes and a playgroup in Aberfeldy, where children are taught only in Gaelic and are fluent.

We are passionate about the rich Gaelic heritage in Perthshire and it would be great for us to explore this together, whilst simultaneously creating a piece of oral art. This piece will continue to be a community resource and source of artistic inspiration for many years to come.

WE WILL MAKE – The Tay’s Gaelic Memoir
The Tay’s Gaelic Memoir will be an inspirational audio drama theatre project made with local children and adults to celebrate their lives and heritage.

Some of the stories will be in search of our magical history’ like the water sprites and Pheallaidh where Aberfeldy got its name, and other stories about the Tay, including the Birks of Aberfeldy. It will also include the personal life experiences of the participants, with a focus on their memories, of the landscape and the River Tay.

To inspire creativity and feed into the audio drama, we will:

  • Host workshops with John Murray and take virtual hikes through Perthshire
  • Create short videos introducing a Gaelic word every week
  • Hold writing workshops
  • Song-writing workshops
  • Create audio recordings of the stories we already have in Perthshire, in Gaelic and English
  • Lots of other things to inspire!

To fondout more about each of our partners:  |   |

The Tay’s Gaelic Memoir is grateful for funding from SSE and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.