Autumn TRees by Ian McNeill
Autumn Trees by Ian McNeill

IAN McNEILL is a self taught artist working mainly with watercolour and acrylic, born in East Lothian, a member of North Berwick art club, he has exhibited in a Winston Churchill exhibition in London, and various exhibitions throughout Scotland’. He writes “Having been taught to draw by my older brother and also at school I was then encouraged by a very good teacher to try different mediums which I did. After a few years I settled on watercolour because of the excitement of ‘catching the moment’ in colour and shapes. I stopped for several years but because of illness I took up my brushes again mainly as therapy, and my own pleasure, but now I do it to hopefully give others pleasure.

I am a member of North Berwick Art Group and have exhibited over the years in London, Edinburgh, North Berwick and several other galleries in East Lothian and recently here in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre Gallery.”