What is Sound Stage

Sound stage is a new platform for audio plays which brings the experience of attending a theatre online. Using audio streaming, online meeting and Zoom conferencing software to allow you to listen to the play, meet friends in the interval and join us to hear more about the show from writers, directors, casts or other guests after each show.

You don’t need to download any further software to enjoy every part of Sound Stage.

How do I access the show?

Your link to the performance will be emailed shortly before doors open. The link is your ticket and gives you access to the full event. It will flow through from the preshow meet and greet, Act 1, to the Virtual Bar, Act II and then the Post-Show talk.

Please answer Yes to Please contact me by email in your Pitlochry Festival Theatre account contact preferences, to make sure you get your link to Sound Stage.

How does Sound Stage Work?

‘DOORS OPEN’: 6.45pm for a 7.30pm performance: 3.45pm for 4.30pm performance

Please join us early to make sure you have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with Sound Stage. We are on-hand to iron out any issues you may experience – please email boxoffice@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com

  • You will be emailed a link from Box Office – click to join Sound Stage
  • Virtual pre-show and interval chats will take place in Wonder (optional).
  • Before the show and during the interval, a video of the sights and sounds you would normally enjoy at Pitlochry Festival Theatre plays, displaying a button, Enter the Bar.
  • Click the button to enter the Wonder room (automatically opens in a new browser tab) to meet and chat with other theatre-goers.
  • The Sound Stage tab remains open on your browser.
  • The interval is 20 minutes.
  • When the Sound Stage show is due to start (or resume), call bells will sound and a broadcast announces to everyone in the Wonder room that it’s time to take your ‘seats’.

Close the Wonder browser tab to return to your Sound Stage tab. The curtains will open and the show will begin!

NOTE: Please do not use the arrow back button on your browser. This could close your Sound Stage tab and require you to login again.

  • At the end of the show, once the curtains have closed, and applause and credits have finished, the video of PFT resumes showing a button, Join the Discussion.
  • Click the button to join the Post-Show Talk in Zoom (optional).
How do I connect to Sound Stage?
  1. Click the link emailed to you from Box Office
  2. A new tab opens on your browser
  3. Login in with the same email and password you use to purchase tickets online at PFT.

Forgotten your password or don’t have an account? No problem, register or reset your password HERE

And you’re in!


How do I meet friends and chat, pre-show and during the interval?

Virtual pre-show and interval chats will take place in Wonder .
Wonder requires CHROME or FIREFOX browsers and is designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer. It does not currently function on tablets or mobile devices.

  • Before the show and during the interval, a video plays in Sound Stage with a button, Enter the bar.
  • Click to enter the Wonder room –  a new tab opens on your browser and then you can chat with other theatre-goers. (optional.)

PLEASE NOTE: the Sound Stage tab remains open on your browser.


How do I connect to Wonder?
  1. Click the button, Enter the bar on your Sound Stage screen and a new tab opens on your browser
  2. Click Request browser permissions
  3. Click Allow for your webcam and microphone access and take your photo if you want to.
    (You can mute and turn off once you’re in the room if you prefer.)

You’re in!

More on Wonder below


How will I know when the Sound Stage show is about to start?

We announce to everyone in the Wonder room that the Sound Stage show is about to start through a broadcasting feature.

A notice with a countdown to the broadcast appears. All chats stop. A video stream appears to everyone in the room to ask you to take your ‘seats’.

The Interval will last 20 minutes.

Close the Wonder tab to return to the Sound Stage tab in your browser.


How do I join the Post-Show Talk?

Post-Show Talks will take place in Zoom.

  • At the end of the Sound Stage performance, the curtains close with credits and applause.
  • A button Join the Discussion will appear.
  • Click the button to join the Post-Show Talk.
  • You don’t need to download Zoom to take part.


How do I meet friends and chat, pre-show and during the interval?

Virtual pre-show and interval chats will take place in Wonder (optional).
Anyone with the Sound Stage link can join with a few clicks. No registration or login required.

Before the show and during the interval, a video plays with a button Enter the bar. Click to enter the Wonder room to be able to chat. This is optional.

How does Wonder work?
It’s like a physical space, but digital. Every person appears as their small image. The will be Pitlochry Festival Theatre Hosts around to help or to chat to.

  • Click anywhere in the room with your mouse and hold the click down to move around
  • When your image gets close to someone else’s, a video chat opens.
  • You can see others moving around the room and when they are talking to others.
  • You can’t hear or see their conversation unless you join their group, or circle.

How do I chat to other guests?

Move your image into a circle to join the conversation, a real-time video chat with others in that circle.

Are there specific areas in the room?

Yes. Arrange to meet someone at your usual place at Pitlochry Festival Theatre! We’ve created special places familiar to Pitlochry Festival Theatre-goers – the cafe, the bar, the Tummel Room, the ice cream stall… These appear as individual spaces in your Wonder room.

How many guests can meet in one circle?

One circle can hold 15 guests.

Can I turn off video and audio?

Yes. Turn off your camera and/or audio by clicking the camera or microphone icon at the centre bottom of your screen. Other members, will see a black screen with just your image.

How do I know who else is in the room?

You can see all the people in the room using the participant (two-person) icon on the right sidebar. You can see their name, picture, and their ice breaker answer. Click on them to invite them to a circle or chat directly.

Can I write messages to other guests in the room?

Yes! It’s easy to message your friend, your circle, or the entire room: click the speech bubble icon on the right-hand menu for your options.

You can also click on another guest’s image and send them a direct message.

Who is listening to my conversation?

Only guests who appear in your circle can join in with your conversation, so you can see who you are speaking to. Guests cannot to be hidden. You can always see all guests in the room.


Further FAQs

Is the play performed and broadcast live?

Sound stage audio plays are pre-recorded, but broadcast live with a start time – if you join the broadcast late you will enter after the performance has started. This allows audiences to hear the show together, to meet each other live in the interval, and to gather together after the show for our post show events which are live – streamed discussions with audience Q&A each night.

Can I pause the show?

No. Your Sound Stage performance is played as a live show. If you stop the stream you will need to log back in and will rejoin at the point later in the show according to the time you reconnect.

How much Bandwidth do I need?

You’ll need a download speed of at least 3mbps (you can check your internet speed here). As a guide – if you are able to use Zoom, you should be able to enjoy the whole experience through – Sound StageWonder and Zoom – on a computer or laptop with Chrome or Firefox Browsers.

How long is each play?

Not all shows have yet been recorded and all plays will be different lengths but they are all 2 act plays so we expect them all to be between 90 and 120 minutes in length and every show will have an interval. Once we have confirmed run times these will be added to the show info page on each individual show’s page on our website.

Will it be possible to swap my tickets between performances nearer the time?

Yes, we will offer free exchanges between performances of the same show. These will be subject to availability and should be requested a minimum of 48 hours before the performance booked or the performance you wish to move to – whichever comes first.

To request an exchange please email to boxoffice@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com. With the bookers name and booking reference and the performance you would like to move your tickets to.

Are Captioned or BSL performances available?

We are working to integrate access provision into this new digital platform and in the interim we can provide access to the text and a live ZOOM BSL interpretation on Sunday performances  – please email boxoffice@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com for details.

A few TOP TIPS for the best experience and your enjoyment.

We recommend using a Laptop or Desktop with Firefox or Chrome browsers – both of which are free to download and install on Windows / Mac by clicking on the links on the browser names to the left. Click the links below:


  • Wonder is designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer and does not currently function on tablets or mobile devices.
  • Your desktop or laptop must be connected to the internet with speakers or headphones to hear the show.
  • To talk to people in the interval, your computer will need a microphone.
  • If you have a camera connected you can choose to use that too.
  • If you prefer not to join the chat in the virtual bar – simply don’t click the Enter the Bar button when displayed on the Sound Stage screen.
  • Post show talks will be hosted on Zoom – you do not need to download anything to make this work on Firefox or chrome – but if you choose you may install the Zoom app add link which can offer a more stable connection.

If you experience any issues, joining Sound Stage, please email boxoffice@pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com for assistance.

We’re thrilled to be welcoming you with us.
Thank you for your support.